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Dynamo is our high-performance integration system between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011-2015 and Campaign Monitor, a leading email marketing system with +275,000 users.

Dynamo works with all editions of Dynamics CRM: On-Premise, Internet Facing deployments and CRM Online

Dynamo is offered through a perpetual license that allows you to use the licensed software indefinitely, no subscriptions required and no restrictions on the amount of data you synchronize or how many users will use Dynamo's features. The license allows you to connect one CRM Organization to one Campaign Monitor account

For the first year, the license also entitles the you to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support. After the one year period ends, you can choose to remain with the latest version downloaded or to purchase a 1 year maintenance package, for 20% of the license price.

License Price (EURO €)
Campaign Monitor integration 2,295
1 additional CRM Organization1 1,100
1 additional Campaign Monitor account connection1 495
1 year Maintenance and support package 20% of the above license prices
Example: If you have a Campaign Monitor integration + 2 additional Campaign Monitor accounts the yearly maintenance fee is €657
All prices are exclusive 25% VAT for purchaces within the European Union

Visit the Dynamo page

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We also offer a free 30-day trial license so you can test all the features before you decide to purchase Dynamo

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